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  • Who Will Help You Own Your Health?

    Patient engagement remains one of the most prevalent ideas bandied about in healthcare today. It and “patient-centered” are two phrases I’d like to expunge from the lexicon. Don’t get me wrong. Patient engagement and patient-centered care are imperatives for healthcare. More than enough has been written about the transactional and unresponsive nature Article

Simple. Clear. Strong. Human.

Cut through the incredible noise in the health care marketplace. Resist the urge everyone has to communicate everything. Be authentic. Make sure the messages and experiences align. We’ll help you focus on what you do, why it’s different and why people should care. What’s needed to engage providers and patients, join their conversations, grow your business and lead your market. With a voice and experiences that are uniquely yours.

That’s health care branding done Well.

Marketing and branding might be new in health care, but they follow some pretty established rules.

Marketing is full of the new – new channels, new ideas, the end of advertising and the rise of conversation. It’s also still founded on some simple truths – clarity, relevance and authenticity – that are at the heart of great brands and great relationships. Even in health care.

Especially in health care.

Well Brand is new. Complete with new thinking, tools and ways to engage the people you need to engage. Yet Well Brand’s two partners also have years of successful relationships with clients in health care. Equally, we’ve done a great deal of successful work for over two decades for clients in other sectors such as retail, information technology or financial services.

And that’s important.

Yes, healthcare has unique challenges. We work with these every day. But when you drill down into ACOs, value-based care and patient engagement, it’s really a world of customer conversations and compelling experiences. A world where success is clarity of purpose expressed and experienced consistently, wherever you find it. It’s our mission to bring this approach to health care. And to you. Find out more about why you need to be focusing on your brand in healthcare.

Complex challenges. Straightforward process.




Start with Why. It’s the heart of what we do, and what you do. Why you’re doing what you do in health care. Why your work is important. Why people should care. Why uncovers the path to meaningfully difference in a me-too world.


Reach everyone you need to reach, and those who might be interested in you. Express your unique value through remarkable experiences. Discover the channels and environments that engage and create advocates for your organization and your brand.


Reach everyone you need to reach, and those who might be interested in you. Express your unique value in unique ways. Discover the channels, environments and expereinces that engage and create advocates for your organization and your brand.

What we do

Brand strategy
Business planning
Marketing strategy
Internal alignment
Creative direction

Names and identities
Content development
Environmental experiences
Online experiences
Print design
Marketing programs


Work-With-UsWe have a great network of partners we work with. Because sometimes you need to see a specialist.

Peter Heywood and Bob Russell

Uniquely hands on.

Bob Russell and Peter Heywood are Well Brand’s two partners. You can read more about us here but suffice it to say that when you work with Well, you work with two professionals with years of great client relationships developing successful brand, communication and design programs.

And you really do get us. We have both led and held the most senior roles in large agencies in the US and Canada, working in many sectors, but discovered two things. One, we really like the challenge and the people in health care. And two, we really like getting to know the unique nature of each client and doing the work. At Well, you get the large agency experience without the large agency.


Peter Heywood

Bob Russell


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Well Brand Agency is a health care marketing, communication and brand strategy firm. We help health care companies create compelling brands and experiences.

And we'd love to help you.

What are the kinds of organizations we work with?

  • Established and new health care providers looking to engage patients more effectively
  • Providers who want to reposition their health care services
  • Existing health technology companies launching new products or selling into new markets
  • Start-up health technology companies who need a clearer promise

It doesn't matter if your most important audience is patients, customers, investors or your own staff. You need clear ideas and the right tools to reach them, engage them and prosper. That's where we come in.

Get Well, contact us.

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